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Basic Skin Care

 Nothing is more essential to skin health than a good skin care regimen.

Q. Why do I need a skin care regimen?

A. On a daily basis skin care can influence the overall condition of the skin and can help problems caused by genetics, climate, environment, the aging process and health issues.

To have healthy skin, the dead surface must be kept moist (therefore soft and supple) and the live cells in the main layer beneath the surface must be kept healthy. The one factor common to both necessities is our old friend water. Drinking lots of water each day may result in hogging the loo but it will improve the skin as well as flush through a great deal of waste products. The function of water is to keep the dead and dying cells soft; thus the skin will be smooth and soft.


A Few Basic Guidelines:

  • Eliminate stress as much as possible
  • Aviod or protect against the sun
  • Ensure a healthy diet
  • Drink plenty of water everyday
  • Exercise daily (outside if possible)
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Avoid, whenever possible, environmental hazards such as pollution
  • Use the correct SkinCare regime to suit your skin's requirements

Patch Test: 
Anyone with a known skin sensitivity should 'patch test' new products. To patch test apply a small amount of product to the delicate skin on the inner forearm just above the wrist. Should there be any irritation rinse off with water.

The Tissue Test:
You need a completely clean face for this so remove any traces of makeup, and give your face a final clean, using warm water and cotton wool balls. Gently towel dry and wait for about 30 minutes before covering your face with one ply (or layer) of a family-size paper tissue. Press lightly all over your face and leave for about one minute. Then remove the paper carefully and examine it near a window or a light.

Normal Skin, Faint oily traces on most of the paper. 
Dry Skin, No oily traces, skin often becomes dry as it ages.
Oily Skin, Obvious oily stains over most of the paper.
Combination Skin, Oily patches at the sides of the nose and around the mouth and forehead.


These simple steps work together to keep the complexion clear and youthful.


Remove excess oil and impurities and help keep pores clear.


Wipe away cellular debris and improve absorption of moisturizers.


Restore softness and elasticity to the skin.


Encourage skin cell turnover and help keep pores clean.


Overnight Moisturisers: 
Nourish and rehydrate the complexion during sleep


Eye Creams:
Help minimize signs of aging around the eyes.



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