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01.MiraCell Skin Relief & Support Oil 15ml
02.Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Reviva Labs
03.HRI Clear Complexion Tablets
04.MiraCell Lip Support with SPF 21
05.Source Naturals DMAE Tablet 200
06.Makeup Primer by Reviva Labs
07.MiraCell Serious Skin Support Cream
08.Reviva Labs Light Skin Peel

Common Terms

 What is a moisturizer

A cream or lotion that hydrates, soothes and softens skin. The primary objective of a moisturizer is to replenish lost water and oil to the surface of the skin, imitating skin's natural sebum/perspiration mix that forms the protective acid mantle. Moisturizers can be formulated for different skin types to be more emollient, more hydrating or a balance between the two.

What is an emollient? 
A cosmetic ingredient that softens or soothes the skin. The term emollient describes the primary action of a moisturizer as related to its content of oil and other lubricating agents.

What is a hydrator? 
A cosmetic ingredient that supplies water to the skin. The term hydrator describes the primary action of a moisturizer as related to its content of water and humectant agents.

What is a humectant? 
A substance that promotes retention of moisture in the skin. It attracts moisture to itself.

What is an emulsifier? 
A substance used to help oil and water bind together.

What is exfoliation? 
Exfoliation is a natural process of the skin. Every 21-28 days skin cells are sloughed off and replaced with newer cells. Masks and scrubs containing exfoliants assists this natural process.

There are several different types of exfoliants that are utilized in masks and scrubs. Manual exfoliants include ground nuts, meals and spherical jojoba wax beads. Fruit acid exfoliants dissolve the cellular glue that hold skin cells together to reveal newer, fresher cells. Enzymatic exfoliants digest dead skin cells and act as the most gentle form of exfoliation.



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