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DMAE & ALA Info...

What is Alpha–lipoic acid (ALA):

ALA is a completely natural antioxidant molecule that is present in every cell of our bodies. Like vitamin C, it has been well-known to scientists for many years, but in the past ten years intensive research has shown how beneficial this substance can be, both when applied topically and taken orally. Here are the benefits of alpha lipoic acid:

1- is both water- and fat-soluble, which makes it a universal antioxidant, able to work both on the surface of cells and deep within them, as opposed to vitamin C (water-soluble) and vitamin E (fat-soluble), which can fight free radicals either on the surface or within the cell, but not both. As a result of this universal solubility, ALA can increase the positive effects of other antioxidants as opposed to vitamin C water-soluble) and vitamin E (fat-soluble), which can fight free radicals either on the surface or within the cell, but not both. As a result of this universal solubility, ALA can increase the positive effects of other antioxidants. The presence of ALA in cells helps preserve other levels, such as vitamin C, E, and glutathione, giving skin cells extra protection.

2- ALA is the only antioxidant that can increase a cell’s metabolism, which tends to slow down with aging. It helps the cell increase its energy production and capacity to heal.

3- ALA plays a very special role when it comes to quelling inflammation, the condition that precedes lines and wrinkles. It prevents the cell from producing the types of eicosanoids (cytokines) that damage the cell in the first place. But it also does something else: It activates a factor within the cell that turns on enzymes that actually digest collagen that has already been damaged by free radicals. That is why the topical application of ALA results in remarkable fading and improvement in wrinkles and facial scars.

4- ALA helps prevent the toxic effects of too much sugar in the cell. Excess cellular sugar attaches to just about every protein in the body in a process called glycation. When sugar attaches to collagen, it results in cross-linking of the collagen, which makes it stiff and inflexible—like a cooked egg white. Alpha lipoic acid helps reverse the attachment of sugar to collagen by allowing better metabolism of sugar by the cell, thus preventing the accelerated aging of collagen from sugar’s toxic effects.

5- ALA helps promote the healthy production of nitric oxide, a substance that helps control blood flow to the skin (which is also the basis for the effect of the drug Viagra, increasing blood flow to the penis). This increased blood flow decreases swelling and edema, thus reducing under-eye puffiness. It also gives the skin the healthy glow of increased circulation..

6-ALA helps decrease reddiness and large pores for reasons that aren’t clearly understood.

What is DMAE:

DMAE is an antioxidant found in abundance in fish. When mixed with nutrients and other antioxidants and applied topically, it can improve the appearance of sagging skin, which results not just from free radical damage to collagen, but also to the nerves and muscles underneath the skin. Muscle tone and contraction are caused by the release of neurochemicals, specifically acetylcholine, at the neuromuscular junction—the microscopic space where the nerve acts on the underlying muscle. Topically applied DMAE works within minutes of application, its firming effect lasting for nearly 24 hours.

By continue using DMAE will results in firmer skin virtually wherever it’s applied. DMAE also boosts the effects of other antioxidants and results in increased smoothness and reduction of fine wrinkles. DMAE works, in part, by interspersing with and becoming part of the cell membrane, where its antioxidant properties allow the membrane to resist stress more effectively, protecting it from the free radical damage that results in the breakdown of the plasma cell membrane and the resulting production of eicosanoids that cause skin inflammation.

Those who use DMAE topically report a leaner look as their facial musculature improves. Some even notice that it lifts the tip of the nose.



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