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MiraCell Skin Relief & Support Oil 15ml
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MiraCell is an exceptional skin product that has helps solve many skin conditions for 18 years. Why? Your skin heals, on its own, independently your skin renews itself. MiraCell supports your skin's ability to renew itself by giving it extra, specific nutritive support. A blend of 13 pure botanical extracts, MiraCell is 100% concentrated active ingredients. Supporting cellular regeneration, each natural MiraCell ingredient plays a vital role in keeping skin healthy. Wherever you have skin, MiraCell works its magic on over 35 skin conditions. Undiluted, you use very little to get results. It goes a long way and effectively replaces multiple other products. Safe, soothing and gentle, MiraCell has been clinically tested and shows zero toxicity, which means it is non-irritating and hypoallergenic.  

The MiraCell Story:
In the beginning, MiraCell was made for women to use as a daily skin treatment to prevent and remove fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate areas around their eyes and mouth. These women saw unusually fast results. MiraCell was amazing in returning their skin to normal, healthy function. And MiraCell proved gentle and extremely soothing. So pleased, these women began using MiraCell on the skin disturbances of their families. Excited, they would call to tell us of the remarkable results MiraCell was giving to dry or chapped lips and hands, blisters, cold sores, acne breakouts, old acne scars, razor burns…any skin disturbance really.  

Still today, every day we receive calls from appreciative customers telling us of the amazing results they get with a variety of skin conditions. Proven effective by tens of thousands of satisfied users, the secret of MiraCell’s precious formula is found in its full-strength mixture of botanical extracts, including herbal vitamins, minerals and proteins. 

Scientifically formulated to work with skin, MiraCell will work anywhere on the body. Why? 

Because your skin is intelligent. And skin functions pretty much the same anywhere on the body. When given the right nutritive materials to work with, it will rebuild and repair itself. Safe, gentle and natural, MiraCell provides your skin with full strength nutritive support. Absorbing quickly into dry or troubled skin tissues, MiraCell gives both quick and lasting relief to your skin throughout the renewing process.  

MiraCell, a full concentrated blend of 13 of the finest quality botanical extracts, has been helping people just like you with both serious skin problems and maintain skin beauty for over 20 years. Serious Skin Problems include Burns of all types (sun and wind burns; radiation, metal and fire burns); Scars of all types (surgical, keloid, acne, old scars); Rashes of all types (hives, razor burn, diaper); Psoriasis; Roseaca; Eczema; Shingles; Insect bites of all types (mosquito, bee, hornet, wasp, spider, scorpion); Blemishes including acne and cosmetic acne*. 

Used Daily, MiraCell Maintains Healthy, Beautiful Skin and Helps Prevent Skin Problems. Use for Wrinkles; to prevent Aging Skin; Dry Skin, Lips, Hands, Elbows and Feet; Cuticles; General Face Care; to safely, gently Remove Mascara.  

A customer driven product, all the MiraCell uses cited on our website were reported from users. Most often they come from people who had been frustrated by the poor results of other preparations they'd tried in order to get the relief they needed. It's very common for people to "share" their bottle: or give it as a gift to someone they know is suffering from skin problems. 

Three of the amazing results of MiraCell are first, it's ability to help stop the burning sensation and action in burns or abrasions and second, it's ability to help stop the venom action in insect bites including mosquito, spider, bee, hornet, wasp and scorpion. Third, it also helps stop the action and irritation of stinging nettle and poison ivy.  

You can thank two special people for the creation of MiraCell: Marilyn Harris, who believes that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, so insists on using the highest quality natural ingredients that are extracted from living plants. She found Richard Gadd, a gentleman of great integrity, who has exceptional experience in creating fine natural cosmetic products. Richard understands the highest level of the pH relationship that must exist between ingredients and skin. 

We want to emphasize that MiraCell is one hundred percent concentrated botanical extracts. It contains none of the water, fillers or petrochemicals that most cosmetic products use to fill up their container contents. In most cases, cosmetics contain only 5-10% effective ingredients. Natural fillers are not necessarily bad, it’s just that you need to know that MiraCell is 100% effective ingredients. Each ingredient scientifically fulfills a specific skin need.  

Results of clinical and dermatology testing show zero toxicity and no adverse affects. 

MiraCell is fully guaranteed. While MiraCell is mildly anti-fungal it is not anti-bacterial. If you get a skin infection, you need to use an antibiotic salve like Neosporin Polysporin or Bactoban along with MiraCell.  

*Women plagued with cosmetic acne need to know that acne can be caused by synthetic or petrochemical ingredients that are found in most cosmetics today. 

All full concentration blend of pure botanical extracts, we use no fillers* or petrochemical compounds in our all-natural formulation. All MiraCell ingredients are on the FDA list of approaved ingredients.  

- Apricot Kernel Oil - Tones, Softens
- Sesame Oil- Conditions
- Caprylic/capric Triglyceride - Smoothes
- Avocado Oil - Cleans, Replenishes
- Squalane Oil - Heals
- Jojoba Oil - Conditions
- Camellia Kissi Oil - Soothes
- Aloe Vera Oil - Heals, Softens
- Vitamin E - Retards Aging
- Lecithin - Antioxidant Emollient
- Vitamin A - Heals, Soothes
- Vitamin D3 - Heals, Sooths, Nurtures
- Myrrh
- Rosemary
- Benzyl Alcohol

Apply drops directly on the skin. Use daily for healthy skin and also on upset skin conditions. Over 37+ uses. Safe to use as often as needed. Safe for all ages. External use only.

Safe and Non-Irritating: 'Under conditions of the [clinical] study, the product [MiraCell] did not induce any clinical significant skin irritations nor show any evidence of induced allergic contacts dermatitis in human subjects' Testing Results with Essex Testing Clinic, Verona, NJ, June-July, 1999.

*Often products contain water or 'filler' oils that add volume but not add benefit to the product. In contrast, every ingredient in MiraCell benefits the skin.


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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 12 October, 2009.
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